7 Bi Weekly Feedback 5th Question 2nd Period

Pick one of the philosophers that we have discussed this unit. Which one is your favorite? Why?

My favorite philosopher from this time period would have to be Soren Kierkegaard. This Danish philosopher was anticlerical and in particular went against the state religion. He found fault with the brand of Christianity that was commonplace and argued instead that morality should be based on the net consequences, positive or negative, on others. Because of this view, he is widely seen as the originator of Existentialism. This worldview posits that the idea of moral absolutes is inherently flawed and ideas need to be evaluated for their results. This outlook directly opposed the pervasive Christianity of the Victorian Era and represented the shift in the academic world away from celebrating tradition. Instead, Kierkegaard's work showed that established notions were meant to be overturned and that anything held as a truth could eventually be overturned if a better explanation came about at a later date. Also, he used irony and metaphors and those are some of my favorite literary devices. (Shredder)